Are You Getting Time in Your Starbucks Chair?

Customers sit in a Starbucks store in Seattle

This blog is by no means an advertisement or endorsement for Starbucks. It is an endorsement of “time in your Starbucks chair.” It’s about thinking—something we do far too little of in our day. We are much more about amusement (not thinking) than musement (concentrated thought). We need to change!

On of the prescriptions I regularly give to my coaching clients is, depending on their level in a company, to book regular time out of the office with no technology (unless that’s how you write or take notes). Anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours per week needs to be devoted to thinking. Grab a coffee or chai latte, sit down and think! Think! Let your mind muse on your life, your business, your family, Think!

I usually advise a client to devote some time thinking about 4 specific things. This structure helps guide their thoughts but doesn’t lock out spontaneous inspiration or curiosity.

  1. Think about your clients.
  2. Think about your team.
  3. Think about your numbers.
  4. Think about your processes.

This simple outline will help you focus. Write notes and thoughts somewhere. Highlight exciting ideas or ahas. Pose questions to think about later. Oh, and relax. It’s good for you and for those you lead!

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