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Join me in serving the people of Hendersonville by supporting my campaign for City Council.

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Upcoming Events

Apple Festival Parade

A fun community event celebrating Hendersonville and its culture. Our campaign team will get to be a part of it this year.

Primary Election

Election to narrow down the candidates eligible for participation in the general city council election.

Candidate Meet and Greet

Hosted by the League of Women Voters at Patton Park at 6pm

Vote in an election that directly affects you and your neighbors.

Local elections are far more important than many citizens realize. Who you vote for represents your say about your own neighborhood and local community. It impacts the businesses you frequent, the activities available, and so much more.

You can help

Pledge a Donation to the Campaign

Voting and getting the word out helps of course. But we can get more attention on our campaign with your financial backing too.

We need you to...

Commit to Vote in the Oct 5th Primary Election

With so many candidates in the running for Hendersonville City Council, you get a say in who the final candidates will be in the main election. So plan to participate in the primary on October 5th.

Our work is about...

Making a Great Place to Live Even Better

Mike Baer's platform is not about any dramatic change and is not paired with unrealistic promises. From his years of business executive experience, he knows that steady improvements, cool thinking, and considerate responses will always ensure better results for a community as well. Mike believes Hendersonville is already a wonderful place to live, but as with anything there is room for improvements. 

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Articles & Insights

News and Issues in Our Town

Stop Casting Stones!

Stop Throwing Stones In a famous encounter with self-righteousness, Jesus told the crowd, “Let him who is without sin among you cast the first stone.” Good advice for these polarized times. The story is that a woman was caught in the act of adultery and brought to Jesus for judgement. The crowd wanted her stoned…
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My Thoughts on “Affordable Housing”

In a famous scene from It’s a Wonderful Life, George Bailey (James Stewart) gives the curmudgeon Potter a verbal drubbing about decent housing for the “people who live here and do most of the working, buying, living and dying” in Bedford Falls. You probably remember it well. Bailey captures my feelings on the subject of…
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Safety—Why and How I Back the Blue

Part of my platform is safety and that involves two vital groups of men and women. The Police Department and the Fire Department. I fully support them both. In this article, I’ll discuss the police and in another the fire department. Parts of our country have been led into delusional thinking about and disrespect for…
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Vote in the Oct 5th Primary Election

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Your Next City Councilman

Mike Baer

After a full career leading large successful teams and overcoming countless challenges, I believe I am well suited to partner with the rest of Hendersonville's City Council and the Mayor to make strong decisions for our town. I am a people person and always have been. I value relationship and community and you can trust me to make good decisions for Hendersonville that are characterized by those values.


I would be honored to serve as one of your next City Council members.

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Give to Support Mike Baer

Every campaign needs a team of supporters who go beyond voting and encouraging others to vote, we also need financial support. Your donations will help cover the cost of telling the citizens of Hendersonville about Mike and how he plans to care for our community.


What My Supporters Say

"I have known and worked alongside Mike Baer for almost 20 years. During those two decades, I have had the opportunity to see Mike in virtually every situation of life one will encounter; times of hardship, challenge, struggle, grief, celebration, triumph, and joy. Through all these times, and more, I have never seen Mike waiver in his core beliefs, his care for people, and his desire to arrive at the right decision on any matter. He is a person I trust implicitly, believe in wholeheartedly and consider it an honor to recommend for the position of City Council."

~ Mike Mitchell

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