Ending a Hard Year

It’s hard to come up with a “non-trite” way of saying this so, I’ll just say it. To most of us, 2020 has been the worst year in memory. There. Now, that phrase ranks up there with the early descriptions back in March—“unprecedented times.” But it’s true.

So, how can you end a really rough year well? Here are a few ideas…

  1. Try to be thankful.
  2. List the positive things that happened in your life or business.
  3. Think of achievements (for me, I started 2 new businesses and joined 4 boards, pretty cool).
  4. Brush off the negative self-talk. Don’t resist it but the next time your mind says, “Wow! 2020 was bad,” just acknowledge your thought and dismiss it.
  5. Turn off the news. Frankly, if you haven’t done this already, I feel sorry for you. Media thrives on the negative; turn it off!
  6. Write a note to someone you love telling them that, well, you love them.
  7. Stop beating yourself up for being a “trifle down, you know.” Who wouldn’t be?
  8. Make a celebration of the year end. I’m glad it’s over and I’m celebrating. Tip a glass of wine to the departure of 2020. See ya! Wouldn’t want to be ya!
  9. Concentrate your mental and emotional energy on a few, positive plans (not resolutions) for 2021.

I’m usually pretty upbeat. I’m not Pollyanna. Even she would be sick of this year. So, let’s bid farewell together and make 2021 better on every level.

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