Go Big or Go Home!

I keep hearing people talk about getting back to “business as usual.” I’d like to make a plea for business as UN-usual.

We’re coming out of a terrible season, no doubt. Pandemic. Politics. Riots in the cities. Violence in the capitol. And it’s going to be very natural to come out from under our rocks timidly, cautiously, perhaps even fearfully.

The exact opposite is what we need. As the world begins to re-open, let’s not just seek to go back to how it was. Let’s unleash our imagination, our determination, and our innovation to change everything.

Here are a few suggestions to get our juices flowing…

  1. Don’t think outside the box. Throw the box away.
  2. Think in terms of what has never been done before.
  3. Invest more than ever in your people.
  4. Make constant reinvention a way of life.
  5. Continuously improve everything.
  6. Move quickly and with boldness.
  7. Fail fast and move on.
  8. Impact your community not just your bottom line.
  9. Create a new, massive BHAG.
  10. Have fun!

As you approach this year, I can think of nothing more meaningful than to hit it hard, hit it often, and go big!

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