Local Elections DO Matter!

Sadly, municipal elections attract little interest. This is especially true when they are scheduled in “off years,” i.e. when no Presidential, Congressional, or Gubernatorial  elections occur. Too bad.

Yet, I would suggest to you that of the elections that will actually affect your daily life and that of your family, it is the municipal election that does the most! Local taxes, relationships, parking, zoning, development, education, are the things of which daily life is made. 

And, it’s in local elections for your local officials that you have the most impact. How often do you get to talk with the President or the Governor? Probably never. But when it comes to your Mayor and your City Council members, these are your neighbors. You know them. You see them at restaurants or at church.They (we) are there to listen and to take your input and ideas.

Don’t forget to vote. It matters. The primary is October 5. Mark it on your calendar. Be there. Be heard. 

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