Read My Lips

George H. W. Bush famously promised “Read my lips; no new taxes” and almost immediately after winning the Presidency in 1988 he had to eat those words. Since then politicians have all sought to avoid the topic. But since taxes are a hot topic in Hendersonville, I wanted to share my philosophy on the subject.

  1. Taxes should be as low as possible yet able to cover quality services and quality people to deliver those services to the citizens.
  2. Alternative revenue streams are a good alternative to raising taxes. One example is funding the new downtown parking deck through parking fees and meters.
  3. Much about city taxes is governed or at least heavily influenced by what the County and State governments allow; the city council does not have total control.
  4. Spending should be based on two principles to keep taxes low; first, the most effective solution that works should be the choice; second, we should only spend on what we need to keep our city’s quality of life strong and healthy.
  5. Taxes are a necessary evil. No one wants to pay them but we can’t run a city without them.
  6. Those who pay taxes should be able expect a high level of service and responsiveness from those to whom the taxes are paid.
  7. Conservative tax policies coupled with conservative budget policies are the best approach.

What do you think?

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