Remote Leadership (9): Building Community

According to Sirota research, one of the three most impactful dimensions of employee engagement is a “sense of camaraderie” at work. In other words, people feel like they belong to something, to a company, to a team, to a family. This is extremely difficult in remote leadership.

Mazlow’s famous pyramid deals with the needs that humans have for things like survival, shelter, etc. The premise is that until a lower level need is met a person can’t operate at a higher level in the journey toward wholeness (aka, self-actualization). Right in the middle of the pyramid is the need for “belonging.”

In my experience, this is where most companies stall in developing their organization and their workforce. We do well at creating a physically safe environment (Level 1) and a psychologically safe environment (Level 2). But, because we aren’t very adept at creating a sense of “belonging,” we fall short of moving people up the ladder.

Where people excel is where they can say, from the heart, “This is MY company. This is MY team. This is MY brand. This is MY product.” How do you think your company is doing?

It’s not a matter of talk. It’s a matter of action, demonstration, and invitation. We’ll discuss more on these three things in the next installment in this series.

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