Safety—Why and How I Back the Blue

I Support the “Thin Blue Line”

Part of my platform is safety and that involves two vital groups of men and women. The Police Department and the Fire Department. I fully support them both. In this article, I’ll discuss the police and in another the fire department.

Parts of our country have been led into delusional thinking about and disrespect for those who protect us every day. Media and activists have seized upon a very few bad actors and bad actions to turned upon the police with a vitriol I haven’t seen since the Vietnam War! Once upon a time the police were respected and revered and many a little boy and girl dreamed of joining the force when they grew up. It is time to reclaim the high ground when it comes to public safety and those who don the uniform and badge every day.

  1. We must get to know them. It’s more than waving when they drive by. It’s knowing them as persons. What they care about. Why they joined the force. What they see.
  2. They must get to know us. Our police force needs to increase their involvement in community life and recover the magic of neighborhood policing. After conversations with our new Chief, Blair Myhand, I am convinced this is on his mind as well.
  3. Compensation must be competitive and commensurate with the services provided. Thankfully, City Council and City Manager, John Connett, began acting on this in 2021. And there is more to be done.
  4. Training must be state of the art.
  5. Equipment must be up to date and adequate to the task. I know that none of us likes a “militarized” police force but, my friends, stop and consider what they are up against when they take down a drug house or even pull over a speeder. Times have changed and our men and women must have what they need to do the job and stay safe.

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