The Desperate Need for a Cause

As I survey the emotional landscape and the damages of a year of COVID-19 fears coupled with a brutal political battle in the US, I see a lot of disillusioned people. I see people sinking into discouragement and depression. I see people going through the motions with little or not passion for what they do. In short, I see a very sad state of affairs.

This is beyond things like go home and play with your dog or take a walk or hold a Zoom Happy Hour. Leaders need to go to the heart of the situation. WHY? Why should people care? Why should they get up and work today? Why should they exert themselves? THE CAUSE.

Some call it Core Purpose. Some call it Mission. The Cause. Core Belief. Whatever you call it, have one and talk/walk it constantly.

For example, in a staffing company I worked with for over 20 years (as a coach, contractor, and executive), we constantly talked about “Changing Lives One Job at a Time”; it was about our field associates. Another firm uses the mantra that “People Matter” and every interaction is a “Moment of Truth.” An international recruiting company based in Raleigh has set out to redeem the employment business, exposing predatory practices in the global employment supply chain (read, global migrant workers). These kinds of meaningful beliefs and purposes are what go beneath emotions to the very center of our being and tap into energy that is stronger than the circumstances and fatigue of the day, week, month, or even year!

Leaders, do you have a clear and compelling Core Purpose? If not, it’s time to find one. Your team needs it!

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