There’s an old rock and roll song from my childhood that contains the line:

So tired

Tired of waiting 

Tired of waiting for you

The Kinks, 1965

That about sums up business in the era of COVID-19. We’re all waiting and we’re tired of it. We’re waiting to hire. Waiting to grow. Waiting to get back to the office. Waiting for a client to make a decision. Waiting for answers. Waiting for the election to be over. Waiting for common decency to once again reign in our cities. Waiting for an IPO. Waiting for capital.

Waiting is hard. And sometimes there really is no alternative. All you can do is work on your idea, gain new knowledge, build your network, refine your business, and build your character. Keep looking for alternative paths and approaches but don’t waste the gift of delay and the maturing power of waiting.

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