Wanted: Empathy!

Being able to feel with people and communicate that concern is one of the greatest gifts one human can give to another.

The world has always been a hard place and, while the general direction of history is positive there are still great moments of human pain. COVID-19 is the latest major issue to afflict the world. But there are countless other issues pressing down on those around us—loss of loved ones, anarchy and evil on the streets, human trafficking, genocide (cf. Uighur in China), the inability to fill jobs (even though there are thousands of them open and thousands unemployed), economic pressures, job loss, ad infinitum 

To stop being critical or callous and take on a heart of flesh and compassion is hugely needed today. It can make things better. It can open doors for service and for business. It can humanize our work. It can change a life or save a life. 

People need people who care. Can you be one of those people?

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