What is Your Company’s Higher Purpose?

Simon Sinek has developed thought around a company’s purpose; he calls it the “why?” It’s not a new idea and it’s not original with Sinek but he has brought it back to the forefront of business conversations. For that I’m grateful.

Business is about making money (Peter Drucker). Business is about gaining and keeping customers (Brian Tracy). I fully agree. But I also believe that business should be about a higher purpose and committed to making a positive difference in the world, the community, and the lives of employees.

Patrick Lencione cuts right to the chase in The Advantage by posing the question: how is the world a better place because your company exists?

Here’s another way of looking at this. Ask yourself and your team these questions:

  1. If we went away tomorrow, would anyone notice?
  2. If they noticed, would anyone care?
  3. If they cared, what would they care about?

If you can’t answer these questions quickly and clearly, you haven’t identified your purpose yet and need to make that pursuit a top priority!

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